Stress Free Destination Wedding Planning

Stress Free Destination WeddingPlanning a destination wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or make you nuts! In fact with some careful, thoughtful planning, some helpful tips and bit of luck in the weather department, you too can plan on having a Stress Free Destination Wedding. Trust me, my wife and I did it and it wasn’t all that bad. Truth be told, we probably made it out to be worse than it actually was. Heres what we did.

For starters my wife Shannon and I were best friends first. We learned everything there is to know about one another, the good, the bad, the ugly, what we could compromise on and what we couldn’t. So when it came time to think about our wedding, where we were going to have it, the guest list, vows, wedding gifts, attire, wedding rings, flowers, food and music, we pretty much agreed on everything, well almost everything. So truth be told, our wedding planning went really smoothly and I attribute that to us taking out time and getting to know one another first.

The second thing we did for a Stress Free Destination Wedding was we kept the guest list really, really short. In fact,  when Shannon and I planned our destination wedding in the Outer Banks of North Carolina we only had 20 people on our guest list, which for us and what we wanted to do, worked perfectly;  we gave each of them an all expenses paid vacation for one week in a beach house in the Outer Banks. We arrived on a Sunday, got married on a Wednesday, partied all week long and then checked out the following Sunday. We planned on having a small, stress free destination wedding, because it would have been too expensive for some people to make it and unfair of us to ask them to take a week off from work or to drive 400 miles to North Carolina, so we didn’t. Once we got back though, we had a huge back yard barbecue for a 100 or so friends with food, beer and music.

The third thing we agreed on, was to divide and conquer. We agreed what was most important to each of us and then each was responsible for taking care of that particular thing;  I handled the food menu, priest and photography, while Shannon was more concerned with handling the DJ, hair and make up, dress and ceremony site.

If I had to guess what was the single biggest, best thing we did that allowed us to have a real stress free destination wedding it was to simply enjoy ourselves. We simply didn’t care if everything was perfect, because we understand that life isn’t.  Stuff happens all the time that’s beyond your control. For us, these little things didn’t really matter, because what mattered was standing right next to me.

If I can give you any advice, it would be to

  1. keep you guest list short
  2. remember why you’re getting married, because it isn’t for the food or music
  3. keep the ceremony and reception in one place, town, etc
  4. hire local vendors with years of professional experience
  5. don’t go crazy with decorations
  6. pick the date and location early, book them early too
  7. read all your contracts carefully and make your final payments on time
  8. think about combining your wedding location with your honeymoon location
  9. think about all inclusive resorts or group discounts
  10. relinquish control, because nothing always goes according to plan, RELAX. Enjoy Yourselves!

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