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Finding the right Wedding Professional Online

As a passionate and consummate wedding photographer with more than 13 years of experience, I ask you to be wary of a businesses online reviews, because the internet offers complete anonymity – you never know who’s at the other end writing the review. It could be a past customer or it could be a friend, a persons mother, his sister or it could be the business itself, or even a competitor trying to make them look bad by writing a bad review. You just never know for sure, all of which makes searching for wedding professionals online time consuming and agitating.

Here’s six ways to help you find your way around all the noise you’ll find on the internet.

  1. social media is everywhere so look for things that other people liked or shared. Take for example these wedding photos from the Mark Twain House in Corolla, since the post went live 72 people liked it – that’s a serous vote of confidence.
  2. the number of social shares and likes something has is more important than the number of comments it receives as a lot of professionals simply turn this feature off to minimize SPAM. Like over comments, always
  3. look to see what professional organizations your vender is a member of. These groups are usually invite only, closed to the general public and require an application and portfolio review before membership is approved. Nationally recognized photography organizations include the ASMP, PPAFearless Photographers Group and the ISPWP
  4. when searching photographers, look for detail in whites of the wedding dress, because a novice photographer is generally unable to control his exposures or capture detail in these areas. Instead of looking like the pretty white gown you dreamed of, it’ll look like a white blob of nothingness. No detail. No lace. No jewels, just a white blob. If you have the slightest bit of apprehension, and you can stomach being a little fearless yourself, ask your photographer what F5.6 plus F5.6 is. The correct answer is F8
  5. ask to see their insurance certificate. A wedding professional (sorry, all professional wedding professionals) will have some type of insurance if they’re a legitimate business. They want to protect themselves and their assets so they’ll have insurance
  6. is your wedding professional a “yes man”? Meaning, do they answer “yes” to every single question you have? If so, it’s possible that they’re steering the conversation away from any type of conflict in order to gain your trust and you business. Whereas a true professional will always steer you on the path that’s best for you, and not there wallett. If a professional sees that what you’re trying to do isn’t right or won’t work the way you think it will, they’ll tell you

I’ve taken great strides to be honest. I hope this article helps.