Fun Cute Outer Banks Wedding Photos

Fun Cute Outer Banks Wedding Photos

Outer Banks Wedding Photos

I’m standing oceanside on Virginia Dare Trail in Kitty Hawk taking an exterior shot of the special events home Mariposa by Carolina Designs Realty, when Heather, fresh from the hair salon pulls up in a pick up truck. She extends a warm and friendly hello just before the conversation turns to “Where’s Matthew? Where is he? Is is he out here?” Now mind you – I know she’s a little nervous and I think it’s cute and I smile. Matthew’s day however – just started – and he’s fit from carrying chairs, fixing the seating chart, addressing guests, tending to early arrivals, decorating their ceremony site on the beach, killing some ants (ok, a bunch of ants), taking a shower, decorating the reception area with party favors, napkins and dinner plates, and carrying a box full of flip flops. He’s non stop and the one thing he tells me – he doesn’t like having his picture taken.

No Photos for 30 Years

Heather shared that in all of six years of being together, the two of them hadn’t taken more than 10 photos together A couple here, maybe one at a ball game and another at a friends wedding, but that was about it. This would be the most pictures they’ve ever had of themselves. And in spite of all that, you were without a doubt the easiest, most laid back couple I have ever met. And I loved it. Ask if you to walk on the roof, no problem. Will you dance in the ocean, ok. Spell out the word LOVE with burning sparklers in your hand, you did that too. I had a fantastic time and I think we got some really fantastic photos for you to remember your wedding day by. I hope I made the process easy for you and now that it’s done – no more picture for a while, a long while.

Congratulations to the happy couple. I still have a lot of time and work to put into your wedding photos, but here’s something for you while you wait. I’ll be in touch soon, Steven.

Fun Cute Outer Banks Wedding Photos Fun Cute Outer Banks Wedding Photos Fun Cute Outer Banks Wedding Photos

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